Our History

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Harbour City Funeral Home has been in business since 1 August 1989.

Harbour City Funeral Home quickly became known for thinking outside the square, providing service based on what the client wanted rather than what tradition dictated. We are proud to be one of the most innovative funeral companies in New Zealand.

Since its inception Harbour City Funeral Home has worked to demystify funerals and place as much information as possible into the public arena to ensure the public can make informed choices. This approach puts the power and control of funerals in the hands of the families that we serve.

The demystifying process took a major step forward when Harbour City Funeral Home became New Zealand’s first funeral home to hold Open Days. On Open Days members of the public are invited to come in and look behind the closed doors, and ask any questions about death and funerals that they want to. It is another way of assuring the public that when you are dealing with Harbour City Funeral Home, you are dealing with a company that is happy to explain what we do and that we put the families we serve first.

Harbour City Funeral Home seminars are well known in the community. No subjects are taboo. Many difficult topics – including the cost of funerals, eco funerals, embalming, and babies funerals have been the focus of seminars in the past. We are committed to continuing to conduct such seminars as part of our education programme.

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