Caskets and Urns



We have a wide range of caskets to suit personal preferences. Our range consists of a variety of simple styles, through to high gloss solid timber panelled options, also an extensive choice of eco and natural burial caskets.

For more information download our casket book (PDF).

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Following a cremation, the cremated remains (commonly referred to as ashes) are returned to the funeral home in a plastic container. This container is then placed into an appropriately coloured cardboard box. This box is suitable for storage if you are choosing to scatter the ashes at a later date.

If you wish to keep the cremated remains at home or if you wish to bury them, you may choose to have them placed in a more attractive and decorative urn.

Our options for urns are similar to the casket range. An urn can be made of solid wood or particleboard/MDF, painted the same colour as the casket, or given a vinyl veneer transfer to match the casket, or maybe resin, slate, or metal-based. You can also choose to supply your own container into which we will transfer the ashes.

For more information download the Urns (PDF).

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