Printing and Multimedia

Service Sheets

Service sheets are an integral part of the funeral process. As they offer a very tangible keepsake to every person attending the service. Although it does not have to be a step-by-step guide of what will occur at the funeral, it is more a memorial of that day. Often names of those participating will be listed, perhaps the music may be itemized as this was special to the deceased, there may be a collage of photographs showing the deceased’s life, or it may record the hymns to be sung on the day.

At Harbour City Funeral Home we are aware that personalisation is an important element to any funeral service. That is why we have two qualified Graphic Designers on our team to ensure that every service sheet is unique and a personalised representation of the deceased.

We produce a vast range of high-quality colour service sheets using the latest technology and will advise you as to how soon we need the details so that everything is ready in time for the funeral.

Thank You Cards

Bereavement or thank you cards may feature the photo from the service sheets and can be printed for you to send out after the funeral. These cards can be a nice way of acknowledging the support of family and friends following a death.

Memorial Book

A memorial book is produced incorporating the signatures of those that attended the service. If you had a photo presentation this would also include all the photographs that were shown at the service. It is your permanent record of the funeral service, bound in a specially designed hard-covered book. Additional copies can be provided.

Photo Presentations

We can create a slideshow of photos to reflect the life of your loved one onto a wall or screen. Such a presentation can be a meaningful way to share more memories and highlights of a life. It can be shown before or during the funeral, accompanied by your own special music. If you simply provide us with your photos, we will create a slideshow for the funeral whether it is in our chapel or at another venue.

Live Streaming

All of our chapels are equipped with One Room live streaming.

One Room is a fully automated system which records and streams live, a high quality video of the funeral service of your loved one to your selected audience.

One Room gives your family or friends 'live' access to the service and also archives the event so it may be viewed in the days, months or years to come, being held for future generations.

One Room creates an invitation link that can be emailed to family and friends, with a single click, viewing a One Room service is simple.

*Live streaming is also available at Churches and other venues, please discuss options with your funeral director.



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