Our Vehicles

our vehicles

Harbour City Funeral Home offers a modern fleet of three matching white, purpose-built hearses as part of our service provision for client families. In addition to our specialty hearses, we offer the choice of luxury sedans.

Each sedan may carry up to four passengers. We are able to provide door-to-door transport for families and friends on the day of the funeral.

This service allows people to travel together or in family groups without the additional stress of having to drive themselves or find adequate parking. Other options available to you … In addition to the modern hearses, we have several other options for you to choose from, including a vintage hearse (the first to be available for funerals in our region).

1936 Packard Hearse


Dotty is a 1936 Packard Hearse, which was restored in the mid 1970s. Purchased from Texas, USA she is often chosen by families as she has the ‘wow’ factor. Dotty is named after Simon’s mother who shares the same year of birth.

1989 Rolls Royce


In 2009 we commissioned the refurbishment of a 1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit hearse. It began its life as one of the final limousines built in Crewe, England. After being transported to Hong Kong it was converted to a hearse later in life. Now fully restored to its original condition, it is a lovely choice for a traditional-style funeral.


We are in the process of restoring a 1959 Cadillac hearse. The 1959 Cadillac is considered the most attractive Cadillac ever built. The hearse is big! and carry's the style of the 50's very well, large chrome bumpers and the most attractive tails lights you will ever see on a vehicle. We are hopeful 'Colin' will be finished in 2018.

Family hearse

We are the only company to offer a family hearse. Some families may wish to transport the deceased back to the town of burial themselves. We have a hearse available for hire that is suitable for this purpose.

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