Death Certificate

death certificate 2

On the day of the funeral Harbour City Funeral Home electronically registers the death of the person who has died. Following this online registration, Births, Deaths and Marriages processes the registration and posts out the certified copy of the death certificate to us, usually within five working days. We forward the death certificate directly to you or to the solicitor who is dealing with the estate.

We can also provide you with JP-certified copies of this certificate. These copies are helpful when dealing with organisations that require proof following a death in the family.

We are legally required to include certain information when registering a death. We obtain this information from you while making the funeral arrangements with you. It is important that this information is accurate as far as possible. We give you a copy of the information we have gathered so that you can proofread it before we register the death.

If the death has been referred to the Coroner, you will notice the words ‘subject to coroner’s findings’ in the cause of death section. This means that the official cause of death was not available at the time we registered the death. It is possible to update the death certificate once the Coroner has concluded his or her enquiries and ascertained the cause of death.

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