All our funeral notices are placed on the Tributes website at no charge to our families.

Placing the funeral notice on the internet allows it to be read at any time. Features can include a map to the service venue, an ability to order flowers online or details of which organisation donations can be sent to.

Family and friends from anywhere in the world can read and place messages in the tribute book – there is no cost to leave or read comments and no restriction to the amount of words that can be placed.  Tribute pages and tribute books may be printed at any time.

Additional features of the website are:

uploading a photo-show presentation if it featured in the funeral service, so that is available for viewing at any time by friends around New Zealand or overseas who were unable to attend the service.

The website is safe and secure – all comments, photo-shows are checked by the funeral director or the tributes administrator before being uploaded to the website.

The tribute page stays active for 13 months.  After that time you can choose to renew your registration annually at a minimal cost.  Even if you do not renew the tribute, the funeral notice will stay on the site indefinitely at no cost to you so that future generations will be able to view notices from the past.

The Wellington and Ōtaki Naturtal Burials website responds to the growing awareness of our impact on the environment, including the way we leave this world. Some people want to personalise their funerals while considering how their choices affect the environment. This website explains the eco-friendly funeral options available to you, and helps you to make well-informed choices.

Wellington and Ōtaki Natural Burials recognises that our own funeral marks the end of our call on the earth’s resources and, just as in life, involves a number of choices that can impact, to a greater or lesser degree, on the environment. These choices include whether or not to embalm, the type of casket to use, and burial or cremation.

For those of the Catholic faith, we have designed the Catholic Funerals website with the support of the Archdiocese of Wellington. This website allows you to plan a Funeral Mass; it provides you with all of the approved Bible readings, as well as many hymns.

The website also sets out the Catholic Church’s approved policies in relation to funerals within the Church.

As well as creating an electronic plan for a Funeral Mass with the ‘Funeral Mass Planner Guide’, you can save your plan to your computer, or email it to family, friends or the priest who is participating in the funeral.

The FDANZ Funeral Trust is a prearranged funeral plan available exclusively through members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand.

A prearranged funeral through the FDANZ Funeral Trust will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes are understood, your funeral details are in good hands, and the financial situation has been addressed.

New Zealand Embalmers Association. 

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